Discover and harvest the resources you find throughout the world.



Craft machines to automate your collection, refinement, and crafting tasks.



Scale up your factory with fully automated assembly lines.



There are many different ways to accomplish a goal in Automation Station. Each of the individual machines are simple on their own but can be combined to create sophisticated behavior. Design your own splitting mechanism, an item sorter, or anything you dream up.

Recent posts

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Happy holidays, everyone! A lot has happened in the development of Automation Station over the past year. As we approach the end of 2023, I thought it would ...

Devlog #21: Revamped Decryption

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Welcome to the 21st devlog for Automation Station! In this update, I’ll be walking you through my iteration process on the new decryption mechanic. Additiona...

Devlog #20: Caches & Decrypters

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Devlog #19: Chests & Hoppers

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Welcome back to another devlog for Automation Station! If you read the last devlog, I discussed several options for item storage buildings. In the past coupl...

Devlog #18: Crafting & Storage

12 minute read

Long time no see! I had to take a couple of weeks off from game development to take care of some projects around the house, but I’m finally back with a fresh...