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Greetings folks!

Another two weeks have gone by which means I’ve reached the end of another sprint! This one was all about the brand new Toolbar. The toolbar serves as a replacement for the old backpack slots. At the moment, up to 10 item types can be stored in the toolbar and quickly accessed. When a toolbar slot is “active” that item will appear in the robot’s hands, allowing you to deposit items into machines or throw them around the map. Each toolbar slot can store a stack of items. Currently, there is no limit on the stack size, but I plan to enforce reasonable limits after playtesting with this change.

To implement the toolbar, I had to learn how to use Unity’s new UI system. While this went pretty smoothly, it still required reading a lot of documentation and forum posts to get everything working how I wanted. I anticipate future UI work to take a lot less time now that I understand the basics. I also spent a significant time this sprint on a new icon generation system and quite happy with the results.


Keen-eyed readers may remember that I talked about adding an inventory in addition to the toolbar this sprint. I actually started work on an inventory, but realized that, with the number of items currently in the game, it wasn’t really important to add right now. Thus, I decided to polish up the toolbar systems and interactions and work on a few other fixes. I do plan on revisiting the inventory later on so stay tuned for more info on that.


  • Toolbar UI design
  • Toolbar UI animations
  • Allow the character to store held items.
  • Animate items coming out of and going into the backpack
  • Auto store items when attempting to pickup a different item or perform an action that requires empty hands (like smelting and mining)
  • Update toolbar upon picking up and dropping items
  • Allow items to stack in the toolbar
  • Add support for quickly switching the active toolbar slot
  • Improved icon generation
  • Update ECS package (twice)

That’s everything for this update! I still need to plan my next sprint so I haven’t decided what I’ll work on next. It will also be a shorter sprint as I’m leaving for a vacation in early April.



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