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Automation Station is a game about automation.

Explore a mysterious planet, harvest and refine resources, discover new technology, craft machines, and set up automated factories.


Devlog #21: Revamped Decryption

14 minute read

Welcome to the 21st devlog for Automation Station! In this update, I’ll be walking you through my iteration process on the new decryption mechanic. Additiona...

Devlog #20: Caches & Decrypters

6 minute read

Welcome back to another exciting devlog for Automation Station! Over the past two weeks, I’ve been hard at work creating and refining a brand new progression...

Devlog #19: Chests & Hoppers

10 minute read

Welcome back to another devlog for Automation Station! If you read the last devlog, I discussed several options for item storage buildings. In the past coupl...

Devlog #18: Crafting & Storage

12 minute read

Long time no see! I had to take a couple of weeks off from game development to take care of some projects around the house, but I’m finally back with a fresh...

Devlog #5: World Generation & Backpack

1 minute read

Hey folks! I know I’m long overdue for a devlog. I actually took a month off at the start of the year but still make a lot of progress since the last post.

Devlog #3 Crafting a Crafting System

6 minute read

Hey everyone! It has been quite a while since the last devlog so there is a lot I could cover in this one. But rather than try to include everything, I decid...

Devlog #2 Canisters & Crates

4 minute read

Greetings! In this second devlog of Automation Station we’ll be taking a look at the new canister, crates, and manual crafting that have been added to the ga...